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Main info concerning cms:ann

cms:ann system is made for creating and managing web-sites. Our system functions thru web-interface and you can link up additional modules to it. The system is supplied in the following  set: system kernel, full technical documentation, additional modules.

System kernel of cms:ann is the main managing part, it allows to do the following:
- Add and delete sections/subsections of the web-site;
- Rename sections/subsections of the web-site;
- Change pages content;
- Publish news and press-releases on web-site;
- Support more than one news blog;
- Control access to closed sections of web-site;
- Distribute different users access rights;
- Add/delete graphic templates;
- Add/delete other objects;
- Deny/allow access from certain IPs;

Additional modules:

The statistics module performs statistics storage and then analyzes activity of web visitors.

The search module allows you to perform full-text search taking into consideration both russian and english morphology.

The backup module - to export the whole web-site as a database dump.

The user friendly url module can convert dynamic URLs into ones acceptable for the search robots.

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